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Ecolmare, Garantía Acreditada


Company Services:


Cleaning coastal
Ecolmare has a fleet of boats called "Pelican", "Minipelican" and "Gavina," specially designed to combat pollution of coastal waters

Medios Humanos

Cleaning port waters
The cleaning of the ports and its vicinity, in addition to a work needed is a prevention to avoid pollution in their nearby coasts

Medios Técnicos

Cleaning interior
We have the necessary means for cleaning, the surface of the marshes as vegetation and surface rivers

Medios Técnicos

Collection of pollution by discharges (oil spills, leaking fuel, etc.).

Medios Técnicos

Signalling beaches
Buoy signalling of the band coastline, navigational channels for use by boats, and areas reserved for the exclusive use

Medios Técnicos

Equipment beaches
Supply and installation of equipment for beaches

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